Our Process

We are a consulting and travel agency that caters for the academic, visa, travel, volunteering needs of our clients in Nigeria. Acade Plus thinks outside the box and delivers on schedule. Also, we work with expert in the field to deliver unique services therefore satisfying our clients.

  • Planning

    Planning is the core of every business. Our business focus on a step by step planning that leads us to the right destination. 

  • Organization

    Acade Plus's success story is based on analyzing, planning, organizing, and modifying all jobs and every aspect of our business on regular basis. 

  • Management

    We get right down to business every time we serve a client adopting our unique management strategies.

  • Support

    We make room for better informational flow, easier communication, more control, and fewer unpredictable situations and scenarios.

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    Acade Plus work alongside her partners and affiliates to deliver quality and timely work to satisfy clients. You're a few clicks to achieve your dream. Our services range from processing of school admission offers, visa, custodianship, flight tickets, aiport-pickups, and consulting. Click the button below to find out more..

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    From the ceo

    There are opportunities everywhere around us. Acade Plus management believes in giving people a chance to succeed. So, to encourage 2 people every month, the CEO of Acade Plus Consulting Agency initiated a 20% off Agency service fees. This scheme is for two randomly selected people in every month.

    The selection process is done by the CEO himself and it's not affected by any internal or external influences. To qualify for this offer, you must have registered your profile on our official website, submitted the Acade Plus Consultation form, and paid for your consulting fees.


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